Xbox 360 Tilt Controller – Finished! – Video

Here is a video of the finished Xbox 360 tilt controller. Not a whole lot new in this video except a short (cheesy) clip of me, the correct pronunciation of “Thole”, and clips of Full Auto and Crimson Skies with the finished controller. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey, I want one. Email me so we can work this out. I would like more info on the process. I also think it would be great for a tutorial on this provided that it’s not too hard, unless you plan to go marketing on this.

  2. Wow, nicely done. It amazes me that so many people come up with mods to different companies hardware in such a short amount of time. Coming from a technology research background myself, it would be really interesting to see what great technical achievements could happen if more tech companies had the funds or where-with-all to fund more “free thought” projects to come up with great ideas like this. I know MS has a great research group, but still, I am amazed at the level of skill and sharp minds that are out there in the world and if they only had more of an opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, and develop ideas that could be a benefit to us.

  3. Hi there,

    Nice idea….but why go to the trouble of using an A/D and a microcontroller, just to output an analogue voltage again? There must be a simpler, analogue implementation of this that doesn’t require a micro. I reckon you could do it with a couple of op-amps…and you’d have the benefit of a gain control if you wanted one, to tweak the sensitivity :o)

    Just email if you want to chat about it – I fancy a go on my gamecube! It’d make Mario Kart more fun…

  4. I think you may be onto something dave. There are a couple of things to take into account.

    Does pushing the analog sticks all the way deliver a full 5V swing and if not what can be done to limit the voltage output of the op-amp and still get an angle less than 90 degrees to be the full tilt?

    What would happen if voltage goes above what is normally delivered to the controllers inputs?

    If voltage above the normal max full tilt does nothing but give you a full tilt then it doesn’t matter and you can just set the op- amp to reach that max at whatever tilt you want. Same for if it is the a full swing from 0-5V.

    but if it doesn’t work that way some kind of voltage limiter needs to be employed.

    If anyone wants to discuss this implementation email me at sondag (at)

  5. Hey this looks awesome. Can you send me a how to if that is not to much trouble or info on a guide if you are going to make one and when it will be out. Thanks alot, i this this looks awesome and cant wait to be using one!

  6. Mate, well done, seriously. I think that if an official accessory was made from this you have just justified my reason for buying a 360.

  7. Just had to say, well done on a great mod! And thank you for being kind enough for giving details on how you did it, if you want a hand hacking the wireless one give me a shout – i enjoy things like that.


  8. Congrats, being an EE I can really appreciate this. I would agree with Jeff, as i’m not sure why the A-D-A conversion is needed.

  9. Excellent – I can see a bright future with people like yourself coming up through the ranks!!! MICROSOFT – HIRE THIS GUY NOW BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES!!! Top work bloke. Let me know if this ever goes commercial as it is definitly a must buy. Sweet.

  10. I think what you did is very good. I think you should go a step further and put an on/off switch on it. This would be very useful in certain games as you’ve demonstrated. Keep up the good work. You should definitely go the step further and try to market it.

  11. Is it possible to modify for the Xbox?

    Is it possible to orient the controller at 90 on the Z to make it like a steering wheel?

  12. Ahhh – F*ck it – i dont want to hold my controller at the same level the whole time – i want to play it upside down if i like !!!!! I cant stand this PS3 Joypad !!! WII Inovation is fantastic – but why do people need such tilt controller – isnt it harder to play than with the sticks ?

  13. There is in market some kind of devices with giroscopic like features. A single chip, gives you an analog signal that means the roll and pitch of the chip, there are 2 axixs models and more…
    The hard part of this is to calibrate the device and adapting the signal for the A/D converter of the Xbox controller.

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