Xbox 360 Tilt Controller – Finished!


The Xbox 360 tilt controller is finished! I got rid of my breadboard mess, switched to mostly surface mount components and put everything onto a circuit board. It sure is easier to play games without wires hanging everywhere! I will be releasing a video of the finished version of this soon, but nothing has changed game play wise since the phase two video (below). You can find all of the details about this project in the phase two post also.

Let me know what you think about this and whether or not I should make a wireless version. Also, I would like my projects to start becoming self sufficient, so if you are interested in buying a 360 tilt controller or maybe just a soldered circuit board, let me know. You can either leave a comment or send me an e-mail at:

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  1. Gratz. thats a fine project, pattent it!!!!! lol the only defect i see is that delay, that delay affect playing a game like COD3? for example, the point is that it is not fully real time, the game reacts after the movement of ur hand.

  2. man you are great..good job mate i would love it if u could make wireless version i would also like to buy ur wired tilt controller i will be emailing you with details and tell me if u can send it..good job keep it up

  3. Nice work, you´ve impressed me.

    Just one question, does it work with pad vibration?

    And I also have one sugestion, could you add some kind of interchangeable axis? Look at this image:

    You are using X-Y axes to control left stick. This is nice for plane games as you´ve shown, but It would be perfect if you remap X axis to Z, this way you could use the pad as a driving wheel. This remaping could be done with a small switch.

    Best regards.

  4. Definately would buy one or maybe you could make a kit with the pcb preprogrammed. can’t wait for more info SIXAXIS suck this!

  5. Nice job, definetly do a wireless one 😀

    How much do you charge for this wonder ? I know didly about electronics so a premoddet controller is requered 😉

  6. I’ve seen how my young kids try to race … they do it exactly like with this mod. It would be perfect for that audience too (as the sticks are too cumbersome to understand at that age)

    Great mod … should be made available voor a larger audience. Isn’t M$ interested?

  7. Yep I want one too, please let me know when you make a retail version and if you can post to the UK. Well Done !

  8. Thats hot man. You need to copyright that before MS steals it and tries to say you stole it from them. You should do that ASAP cuz someone WILL steal your idea. Trust me.

  9. Hey, that looks great is there any chance you will release a binary for the PIC so that we can all have a bash at making 1 ourselves!



  10. If you made a wireless one that doesnt obstruct the battery pack, and with a switch to turn off tilt, and to swap it to Z axis (driving wheel) then id buy those 😛

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