Modular Magnetic Saturn V 1:200 Scale Model

A few years ago my family and I went to the Kennedy Space Center and we were able to see Launch Pad 39A, a Saturn V, and many other historic sites. The trip was great. The only disappointment was that the I didn’t like any of the toy Saturn V rockets available in the gift shop. None of them broke apart into their stages like the real one. Even looking online, I couldn’t find a toy Saturn V that was able to perform accurate Saturn V staging. So I decided to design and print my own.

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3D Printed Scale Model of Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack

3D Printed 1:20 Scale Model 3 Battery Pack

I recently designed and printed a 1:20 scale model of the Tesla Model 3 long range battery pack. I tried to design the pack as close to scale as possible, and modeled all 4,416 individual 2170 cells used in a long range model 3 battery pack. The two center modules each have 1,150 cells consisting of 25 bricks of 46 cells. The two outside modules each have 1,058 cells consisting of 23 bricks of 46 cells.

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