3D Printed Scale Model of Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack

3D Printed 1:20 Scale Model 3 Battery Pack

I recently designed and printed a 1:20 scale model of the Tesla Model 3 long range battery pack. I tried to design the pack as close to scale as possible, and modeled all 4,416 individual 2170 cells used in a long range model 3 battery pack. The two center modules each have 1,150 cells consisting of 25 bricks of 46 cells. The two outside modules each have 1,058 cells consisting of 23 bricks of 46 cells.

I created the model to help myself and others get a better understanding of the Tesla Model 3 battery pack. I keep the 1:20 scale model of the battery pack, and a full size printed 2170 cell in my glovebox to share with passengers who are interested in learning more about the battery technology used in the car.

Model 3 glove box with battery pack and 2170 cell models.

The following sources were used to get the number and layout of cells. If you have more detailed information, please let me know!

If anyone knows how the cells are arranged in the bricks, I would love to know so I could create a multi-colored version showing the cells belonging to each brick.

You can download the battery pack STL file here:

The 2170 cell STL (not designed by me) is available here:

2 Replies to “3D Printed Scale Model of Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack”

  1. I’m building a DIY EV and plan to use a Model 3 long range pack.
    I need the CAD of the pack housing and penthouse to scale.
    Do you have a full size accurate scale model you can share?

    1. I doubt that this will be accurate enough for your purposes. It’s based off of images I found online, not measurements taken on a real pack. If you do find a good source let me know, I would also be interested.

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