tiltBoard Pre-Orders Now Shipping!


Just wanted to let everyone know that as of today I started shipping tiltBoard pre-orders. If yours was shipped today, you would have received a shipping e-mail. If you did not receive a shipping e-mail, don’t worry. I was only able to ship a small quantity today and will be shipping many more tomorrow. I hope to have all pre-orders shipped within two weeks. It may be sooner or later depending on when parts/boards arrive.

I will post another order update when all pre-orders have been fulfilled and tiltBoards are in stock.

3 Replies to “tiltBoard Pre-Orders Now Shipping!”

  1. hi adam what a genius idea . you da man!!!
    how much do these tilt board kits cost?? and where do i get one
    please email me back
    john grainger

  2. Hello friend,


    Does you sell and does he send for the brasil as a document in an envelope (not in the box)?

    Which the price with sending to Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

    Thank you


  3. Hi Adam, you’re a genius.

    I’m interested in your project because is awesome, I’m from Mexico, can you write me to my email how much this kit??

    I’ll be waiting for you answer.

    Thank you!!

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