tiltBoard Pre-Order Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I got the PCB’s in last week and have been busy soldering and making preparations for shipping. If all goes well, I will be shipping the first batch of pre-orders on Tuesday (February 20). The first batch will not fulfil all pre-orders. If you don’t get a shipping e-mail that means that you were not in on the first batch. The second batch (which will fulfill most pre-orders) will be shipping hopefully within a week, depending on when I get the next order of parts in.

5 Replies to “tiltBoard Pre-Order Update”

  1. gonna be selling controllers with the board installed or no ? cause honestly, i wont be able to do it myself.

  2. are you ever going to start selling the controllers with the board instead of just selling the board itself?
    keep making videos

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