Xbox 360 Wireless Tilt Controller Mod

UPDATE – I am now selling the wireless controller on eBay.

I recently finished the Xbox 360 wireless tilt controller mod. This is the same as my Xbox 360 tilt controller, only it is done to the wireless version of the controller as opposed to the wired. I did the mod using a 3V tiltBoard (now available for pre-order). With this controller I added a switch that allows you to switch between using the tilt of the controller and the left analog stick for input. I demonstrate using the switch in the video when playing Full Auto (car racing game). I am using the analog stick at the beginning until I switch to the tiltBoard slightly into the race.

For those interested in getting a tiltBoard and doing this themselves, I will be making a video how-to of the entire process. Look for that in the near future.

For those worried about lag, this is the same code and processor as used in the wired one. It should have the exact same response it does. Check out its lag here.

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  1. Whats up with that Band of Green on your TV at the top during Crimson skies and in the middle during Full Auto? Is that just a video encoding artifact or is that your tv

  2. Are you going to sell pre-built controllers on say eBay? If so what do you think they will cost? I am interested in buying one of these tilt controllers but I’m not extremely tech savy about ripping apart one of my controllers because I would have no idea what I’m doing.

  3. Have you tried it for first person shooters, like Rainbow Six Vegas or Gears of War? I would be interested in seeing how well it would work for those games on the right analogue stick, for aiming.

  4. Just out of curiosity what happens when the battery dies? You’ve removed the charging point with the switch (nice idea by the way) but I’m guessing that render’s its charging ability useless??? Also, is the battery modded in anyway or can we just swap it with another once its dead?

    Brilliant idea, looking forward to ordering one once u get a stock going.


  5. I would have put the switch in a different location, the controller has plenty of room.
    When I make mine I might even put in two switches one for left analog and one for right.
    That way you can have it 1 of 4 ways.

    1. Controlling left analog (most usefull)
    2. Controlling right analog
    3. controlling neither (original function)
    4. controlling both (useless but a would be what would happen if both switches were set to the tiltboard.

  6. You are a genius. If only you could have it to switch to the right stick.

    Aiming in gears using tilt controller… *Drools* Don’t forget SVR07, anolog control system.

  7. I have already wired my controller up and have it ready to add a board to. I put a 4p3t switch dead center between the analog and the D-pad. It is a 3 position switch so if it is all the way up the board controls the left analog and if it is all the way down it controls the right analog. If it is in the center then it controls neither and they function as normal. I have confirmed that the switch and everthing is wired properly now I just need to get adam’s tilt board.

  8. mmm a couple of things..

    why not put the tilt chip in the inside of the controller?
    how u change battery?
    wireless is the same as the original wireless controller?

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