tiltBoard Pre-Orders Fulfilled! (& Sold Out)

As of today all tiltBoard pre-orders have either been shipped or packaged and will be shipped on Monday. I have sent all of the shipping confirmations already. If you had an order and have not received a shipping e-mail about it, please e-mail me.  The completion of the pre-orders has sold out my stock of tiltBoards completely.

In othe news, I have added a Links section to the site. It is small now, but will grow over time.

7 Replies to “tiltBoard Pre-Orders Fulfilled! (& Sold Out)”

  1. when will there be more boards in? and how much do they cost? or where can i buy the tilt board myself so i can assemble it myself?

  2. Keep watching the site for an announcement on when you can get more. As for the price, the original price was $39.99 a board.

  3. Hey man i would like to buy a pre assembled wireless tilt controller i will pay what you want for it like what 80 bucks or something alright message me back man.

  4. I would also like to buy a pre-assembled tilt controller Just email the whos what and thw how much to pay for this un real job

  5. i would really like it if you had a pre assembled tilt board wireless controller cause i still dont know how to do it myself …….. i will pay at least 80 to 90 dollars for one pre assembled… P.S do you ship to australia!!!

  6. Hi. good work at finding this out. Like cliff said, I would buy one for $100 AUS for the tilt board installed and shiped to my mailbox.

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