Introducing the Talismoon tiltBoard 360!

Edit: Estimated price of $34.99

tiltBoard 360 Closeup

Talismoon Official Press Release:

Talismoon brings tilt sensitivity to Xbox 360â„¢ – introducing the Tiltboard!

8th June 2007 – At long last it’s time for Xbox 360™ owners to feel the benefits of tilt sensation, something of which PS3™ owners have been privileged to since its inception. Moreover, the Nintendo Wii™ is a prime example of just how instrumental interactive controllers can be in providing a highly enjoyable gaming experience.

Talismoon is delighted to the release the second generation of its tiltBoard controller, featuring a high quality design sporting powerful features which are easier to use than even PS3’s SIXAXIS™ controller.

Talismoon’s tiltBoard sports a unique u-shaped board that puts the two tiltBoard control buttons within easy reach of gamers fingers. This gives gamers the ability to make on the fly tilt adjustments in-game, as needed.

The Tiltboard comes pre-loaded with tiltTune â„¢ technology, which is the most user friendly firmware available for such a device. Gamers have the ability to perform the following functions, in game:

1. Adjust the tilt sensitivity: useful for getting accustomed to tilt control.
2. Adjust the 0 degree point: to allow holding the controller at the most comfortable angle
3. Invert the Y axis: to add realism to flying games
4. Turn the tilt function on and off

Everything required to enjoy the latest sensation in console gaming on Xbox 360â„¢ comes in a convenient package and requires only seven wires to solder.

This product is currently schedule to ship during the second half of June 2007. For more information on this or any of Talismoon’s other innovative products, all members of the gaming media and retail buyers are welcome to contact

End Talismoon Official Press Release.

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Read on for information written by Adam Thole about the tiltBoard 360 and tiltTune technology.

The Talismoon tiltBoard 360 has a unique PCB that allows itself to be mounted on the inside of an Xbox 360 Controller. It has two buttons, both of which are easily accessible on the outside of the controller
(without removing any batteries). One button is dedicated to the tiltTune technology and the other button switches between the analog stick or tilt for input to the controller and allows the user to invert
the y-axis of either. A normal press of the button will flip between the analog stick and the tilt for input. A long press (greater than one second) will invert the y-axis of whatever is currently active (either the analog stick or the tilt input). Another long press will return it to it’s original state.

The tiltBoard 360 boasts several new features including tiltTune technology. The tiltTune technology found on the tiltBoard 360 allows you to adjust the sensitivty and the center point of the tiltBoard. To set the sensitivity, simply tilt your Xbox 360 controller with the tiltBoard 360 installed as far left or right as you want to go and as far up or down as you want to go. Then simply press the tiltTune button to set those current angles (both axes) as your maximum tilt. To re-center the tiltBoard 360, simply hold the controller how you feel comfortable and press the tiltTune button for one second. Your new center point is now whatever position you are currently holding your controller in.

Once you get the settings how you like with the tiltTune technology, you don’t have to worry about needing to change them again when you turn off your controller or change batteries. The tiltBoard 360 stores all of your current preferences into memory that is non- volatile, so every time you turn on your Xbox 360 controller, it will be in the same state it was when you turned it off. To restore the tiltBoard 360 to factory settings, simply hit both buttons at once.

I really think that this is by far the best tilt device on the market for the Xbox 360, not to mention the original. Please contact your local dealer and tell them you want a Talismoon tiltBoard!


28 Replies to “Introducing the Talismoon tiltBoard 360!”

  1. Awesome work! If I had a 360, I’m sure I’d get one…or at least bug you for a “freebie”. I guess I’ll just have to stick with Wii for now. 😛

  2. hi.
    how are we suppose to acces these buttons, while they’re on the inside of the controller?
    a picture of it would be nice

  3. alright before i say anything.. just wanted to say i really appreciate you work and hope that it will be a success…

    but the adding axis to a controller means adding new buttons.. but in this case the axis just stimulate the left or right stick..

    and there also is no point if Microsoft doesn’t make it official.. nobody will make games that will work with this

    btw, first time i heard about the sixaxis in the xbox 360 controller..


  4. i noticed that this replaces an stick on the 360 controller. is there a way to force this onto a seperate stick for use on the pc?

  5. fkdiii: you can use 360 xontrollers on the pc (if they are usb ones)

    also: what are the buttons for? do we have to unscrew the whole thing to use them (be they recentering or sensitivity)

  6. Are some of you people stupid or what the board lays flat against the bottom of the case on the inside so obviously you just have to make some holes for the 2 buttons that adjust the tiltboard. Btw, awesome work i never imagined anything like this would be made and i reckon it’ll be well worth the money.

  7. in the the pic of the board itself there is like a arch..wats dat s’posed to be????and in the pic of the board with the controller in the arch theres a silver thing…wth is dat????

  8. The “arch” is to make it fit the controller… that silver thing is part of the controller. The arch is there so it fits around the silver thing.

  9. Hello,

    Well well well about time….lol, The Board looks good, I will be buying one on the 26th once the stock has been received. Glad to see it finally done. I have alredy purchased and installed the XCM option and it works well. This one looks like the additional options will make the tilt sens better. Am I correct in assuming you acan set the sensitivity of the sensign in the controller or do you still have to do that in the game options. Also Do you have your install instruction done yet. they would be nice to see so I can determine how hard it is going to be to install. Anyways congrats on getting it done I look forward to tryign it out.

    Buy the way to those who thing tilt sensing is not usefull, You should try it on Driving and flying games, there is no comparison. once you get use to it. Its even better then the wheel.

  10. Your dad told me all about this a while ago…congratulations on the mass-production ^_^! I think it’s fantastic, and if I had a 360, I’d buy one.

  11. Hi!

    I think this mod looks awesome, and I really want to buy one.

    I noticed in the txt above that you would use the TiltTune button to set the maximum tilt angle for both the x- and the y-axis. You would also use it to center your 0-degree-angle. How does it know whether you are stting the 0-degree angle or the maximum angle? Is there some combination needed for this or have I missed out on something?

    I would appreciate an answer to this post..!


  12. i think this is a very good design. how it fits into the controller and everything lines up. a lot of work has been put into this. luckly a have a xbox 360 so as soon as i get some money i will buy this. i have read the instructions and it looks pritty easy to install. also i am very good at soildering so i will be able to do it in a flash. cant wait to get it.

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