Rube Goldberg Voting Machine

I wanted this to be my first post on my new site because it was my first major project and was what motivated me to start this site. I will eventually be adding more videos about this project (due to popular request) but I will start it off with this video that started it all.

For a higher quality version, click here to download the video in H.264.

This is a video of a Rube Goldberg ballot-casting machine with an entertainment theme. My Jac-Cen-Del High School team made it in 2004. This machine received 4th place in the National High School Rube Goldberg Competition. We were actually graded down for using so much technology, as some of the judges thought it was too technical and not in the true spirit of Rube.

Built by:
Michael Busch
Kyle Luers
Adam Thole
Paul Thole

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  1. This project looks so good I am surprised that you didn’t get a first in the nation. I have never seen another Rube project with this degree of difficulty. There must have been a tremendous amount of work done on it. You are very creative and have a very bright future.

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