Lag? We Don’t Need No Stinking Lag!

I have been noticing several comments on the web claiming that my tilt controller has too much lag to be worthwhile. Some people claim that they saw “seconds” of lag. I can understand how people can think that the controller has some lag associated with it. When watching someone play a game it is hard to judge whether the controller has lag or not because the games don’t usually have instantaneous response. If I am playing a racing game and am turning left then decide to turn right, it doesn’t happen instantaneously. It is built into the game controls.

In this video I show you the Xbox 360 tilt controller in the Windows XP “Game Controllers” control panel. It shows you the X and Y positions in real time.

For those that swear it is a fake and that they can “hear someone in the background clicking the analog sticks around”, I don’t know how to help you.

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  1. I think that the Motion Sensing xbox360 controller is going to be a huge hit. Once you get other companies to partner with you, you will be very popular!! And the “No Lag” program looks cool also. Congrats on the controller and the New Baby!!

  2. I’m glad Adam posted this demo. He invited me over to his place last night to give the controller a try. Sweet! I did not notice any lag and the control was very natural.

    My only complaint is that whoever was doing all the clicking in the backgroud sucked — Adam kept beating me!

  3. I’ve heard patent this, and people steal that, but Someone please tell me what in the hell he would actually patent. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m trying to think what exactly he would patent. Third party tilt controllers aren’t exactly new, and they all work on basically the same principal, theres nothing really patentable here. As for mass marketing, you’d be generally screwed by the 360s no third party peripherals policy. Weather or not micro-soft releases a clone of this, based on this or not… they’re not really stealing an idea. Lets be honest, they made a tilt controller (the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro) that was just as complex as this years ago (think late 90s). Plus this isn’t as complex as Nintendo’s/Sony’s motion sensors, note that this only senses movement on a single plain (x/y, though it uses yaw and pitch to place these instead of real x/y). Both Sony/Big N’s motion sensors detect x/y/z and pitch, yaw, roll and acceleration speed, meaning the console has a reasonable idea of where and how the controller is oriented compared to itself (ever heard of 6 degrees of freedom, this is what its referring to, permitted movement in all manners).

    Great Mod… Yes

    Deserves Credit/What he can get for it cash… Yes

    New Technology… No, there were at least in concept tilt controllers for the Snes, Released tilt games for the Gameboy, PC Controllers (by M$ even) All working on basically the same principal. Just taking a common tilt sensor, and using it as an analog control.

    Patentable… Not from what I can tell… then again, M$ patented short clicks, long clicks and double clicks after they were standards.

    Officially Marketable… Not easily if your names not microsoft, (at least tell they change their policy on licensing for third party controllers.)

    Great mod though, I’ll look forward to any future things you do. Oh, and by the way. The fine thing about how the 360 is set up is you could easily create a motion sensitive controller running the tilt stuff as another couple of movement axis’s, and just include any support for it in the future games that needed it. Its one of the nice things about USB for the joysticks, its very expandable, and i expect they purposefully made the wireless equally as expandable.

    While on competitive controllers the funny thing is, when theres a proper linux distro for 360, i expect at least a couple of people will plug in a USB bluetooth dongle and use the wii-mote as their pointer. Want a really fun mod project, use a computer serial rig up to provide the power for the xbox360 controller buttons. Then run a program that exports WII controller movements to the 360 controller. Make the program scriptable like glovePIE and many 360 games could be rigged with proper Wii controls.

    In reality though, I believe the Wii will be a source of Innovative games that wouldn’t work without a different type of controller (and provide an acceptable, but not better replacement for traditional controllers otherwise). Plus it has a strong since of moving alot of arcade game styles that were not possible on home consoles (like a little boxing gem i forgot the name of). I expect great things from both fronts really, its why i think in the end I’ll have both consoles. Because they offer the best of what they have to offer. (no ps3 though, I expect nothing innovative from sony at all.)

    Holy crap, i talked alot, especially considering that I only assume a very few people will read it all. Rant Over

  4. I really like the controller. I think it gives an actual advantage on the flight sim game (don’t recall the actual name) because you can pull off moves a lot easier and the controls are so intuitive. What will be really nice is if game developers call you up and start designing games with your controller in mind. 😉

    And whoever gets it, know that it’s kid tested (23 is still a kid, right?) and mother (to-be) approved. 😀

  5. I think it looks coooooooooool and no faking at all.
    I was wandering if you use the gyroscope kinda things too, wouldn’t it be able to detect the x,y,z axis and w rotation?

  6. Thats brilliant, i haven’t got a 360 yet but i have 2 soft-modded v1.6 xBoxes and it would be brilliant to see this on an xBox s type controller. Anyways keep up the good work this could turn out to be a great money spinner lol

  7. I knew this controller wasn’t fake. I have to say, in game it is pretty unresponsive. But this nice little program shows how real it really is. I am guessing from those meters you can make it more sensitive, hmm?

  8. yeah. hi. i’ve seen the ones for the psp and ds on youtube. How much would it cost if i ordered one like that? 🙂

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