FAQ over the tiltBoard

Last Updated: July 15, 2007

1. “Is the tiltBoard real?


2. “How can I purchase one and how much? What exactly will you be selling? Can you ship to XXXXX?”

Talismoon and I worked together to improve the tiltBoard, and have released the tiltBoard 360.  You can buy it from any Talismoon Distributor.

3. “Can you make one for the wireless Xbox 360 controller?”

The tiltBoard 360 works with both the wired and wireless version of the Xbox 360 Controller.

4. “That controller looks really laggy, how hard is it to use?”

I made a new post and video just for this question: Lag? We Don’t Need No Stinking Lag!

5. “Does it still have force feedback?”

Installing the tiltBoard onto a game controller does not cause the force feedback to stop working nor does the force feedback interfere with the tiltBoard. Several of the people who e-mail me are under the impression that the PS3 does not have force feedback because it interferes “six axis” features. This is incorrect, the PS3 does not have force feedback because Sony did not want to pay the licensing fees.

6. “Can you put the tiltBoard inside the game controller?”

The new tiltBoard 360 fits inside of the Xbox 360 controller shell.

7. “I was wondering what the controls are like. You said you can tilt left, right, forward (up), and back (down). But what about upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right on the thumbstick? Basically do you have a 360 degree radius to turn/look?”

You have complete 360 degree precise control. You have the same control you do with an analog stick, but you can actually be more precise because you have more of a range of motion to do it in. You may also want to see the Lag? We Don’t Need No Stinking Lag! post for a better demonstration of it in action.
8. What is your Xbox Live Gamer Tag?


9. What is your e-mail address?


10. Can you turn the tilt off and use the analog stick again?

Yes, the using the tiltTune technology found in the tiltBoard 360 you can easily switch between the analog stick / tilt input and several options.  Read more about that here.

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  1. I want to try to mount the unit vertically to a head-mounted display…or the back of a hat. Has anyone tried this? will it work tilted that far up? My goal is controlling the view in first person games by head tilts.

  2. Hi, is true that Does not work on controller made in 2008, only in 2007 and before?, and how i know the year of my controller. Is there any mood to work for that type of controller?

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