Site Update

Just wanted to let everyone know about a few site updates. First off, I added forums. You can access the forums here. If you have any suggestions on other forums that I should add, please let me know (preferrably in the forums).

I changed the theme of the website to something a little different than the default wordpress theme. I am not entirely happy with it, so it will probably be changing again in the near future. I am looking for a two column theme that is bright and light blue. I really like the DayDream theme, but it is only a single column theme. If anyone knows of a theme similar to DayDream but with two colums (or any other theme suggestions), let me know. It can be discussed in the forums also.

In other news, the PCB’s for the tiltBoards have shipped and I should have them early next week (week of Feb. 11). Once they arrive I will solder the tiltBoards and start shipping pre-orders. I am also working on the tutorial for adding a tiltBoard to an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. I am starting to think that a written tutorial may be better than a video tutorial. Disagree? Why not discuss it in the forums. 🙂

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  1. I definitely agree that a picture/written tutorial is the way to go. Video tutorial may be useful to some, but is a bigger pain to try and follow. A well thought/clearly made picture tutorial is much more useful for most.

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