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Tilt Board v2 &Video &Xbox 360 21 Jun 2007 08:19 pm

Talismoon tiltBoard 360 Video

Here is a video of the Talismoon tiltBoard 360 in action. It starts out with a demo of the tiltTune technology, and ends with some Crimson Skies gameplay. Enjoy!

The Talismoon tiltBoard 360 is now available for pre-order from several Talismoon retailers.

Tilt Board v2 &Xbox 360 08 Jun 2007 01:20 pm

Introducing the Talismoon tiltBoard 360!

Edit: Estimated price of $34.99

tiltBoard 360 Closeup

Talismoon Official Press Release:

Talismoon brings tilt sensitivity to Xbox 360™ – introducing the Tiltboard!

8th June 2007 – At long last it’s time for Xbox 360™ owners to feel the benefits of tilt sensation, something of which PS3™ owners have been privileged to since its inception. Moreover, the Nintendo Wii™ is a prime example of just how instrumental interactive controllers can be in providing a highly enjoyable gaming experience.

Talismoon is delighted to the release the second generation of its tiltBoard controller, featuring a high quality design sporting powerful features which are easier to use than even PS3’s SIXAXIS™ controller.

Talismoon’s tiltBoard sports a unique u-shaped board that puts the two tiltBoard control buttons within easy reach of gamers fingers. This gives gamers the ability to make on the fly tilt adjustments in-game, as needed.

The Tiltboard comes pre-loaded with tiltTune ™ technology, which is the most user friendly firmware available for such a device. Gamers have the ability to perform the following functions, in game:

1. Adjust the tilt sensitivity: useful for getting accustomed to tilt control.
2. Adjust the 0 degree point: to allow holding the controller at the most comfortable angle
3. Invert the Y axis: to add realism to flying games
4. Turn the tilt function on and off

Everything required to enjoy the latest sensation in console gaming on Xbox 360™ comes in a convenient package and requires only seven wires to solder.

This product is currently schedule to ship during the second half of June 2007. For more information on this or any of Talismoon’s other innovative products, all members of the gaming media and retail buyers are welcome to contact

End Talismoon Official Press Release.

position1.JPG position2.JPGtiltboard_back.jpg

Read on for information written by Adam Thole about the tiltBoard 360 and tiltTune technology.

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