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Tilt Board v3 &Tutorials &Xbox 360 18 May 2009 06:37 pm

Tilt Board v3 Installation Instructions

Equipment Needed:

  • Wireless Xbox 360 Controller
  • Tilt Board v3
  • Torx T8 Security Bit
  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Wire
  • Double Sided Foam Tape

These instructions will show you how to install the Tilt Board v3 into an Xbox 360 controller. There are two main types of wireless Xbox 360 controller boards. The older boards are known as the matrix version, because the digital inputs are wired as a matrix. The newer board is known as the common ground version because its digital inputs are wired in a simpler common ground fashion. The Tilt Board v3 is designed to work with the newer common ground boards. If you use an older matrix board, your digital inputs will not work correctly. It is very easy to tell which board version you have after you take off the back cover.

To take off the back cover you will need a Torx T8 security bit. This is a very uncommon tool, as there are both Torx T8 and Torx T8 security bits. The security bits have a hole running up the center of the bit to allow for a protruding section of the Torx T8 security screw. There are 7 screws holding the cover on. Six of the screws are clearly visible and one is in the battery compartment under the sticker with a barcode on it. You can either peel the sticker off or poke through the center of it to reach the screw. After the cover is off you should see a board that looks like one of the following:

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Tilt Board v2 &Tutorials &Xbox 360 17 Jul 2007 07:19 pm

New tiltBoard 360 Instructions

For those that haven’t noticed yet, the Talismoon tiltBoard 360 is no longer just a pre-order and is in stock at many retailers. You might look here, here, here, here, or here.

The installation instructions are available on Talismoon’s website.

Download the installation instructions here.

Download the operating instructions here.

Tilt Board v1 &Tutorials 21 Feb 2007 08:54 pm

tiltBoard Kit Instructions


The tiltBoard kit is a version of the tiltBoard that comes with all of the necessary parts to make the tiltBoard, but is not pre-assembled. The kit includes the parts seen in the above picture.

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Tilt Board v1 &Tutorials &Xbox 360 11 Feb 2007 10:15 am

Tutorial: Add a tiltBoard to Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

The article below deals with the installation of the original tiltBoard and is left for historical reasons. You can download instructions for the new Talismoon tiltBoard 360 by clicking here (PDF).

w360tut1.jpg tiltboard.jpg

In this tutorial I am going to take you through installing a tiltBoard into an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. I am going to be hacking into the left analog stick. If you want to do the right analog stick, the wiring will be the same, but it will be on the right stick instead. I will also be installing a DPDT switch for switching the input into the controller between the tiltBoard and analog stick. Instructions are also provided for those who do not want to install a switch. I apologize for some of the blurry pictures. At the beginning of this tutorial I was using an old digital camera, and towards the middle I switched to my new Canon PowerShot SD600 6MP Digital Elph Camera, which has been working great! Click on any of the pictures throughout the tutorial for a larger version.

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