Site Update

Just wanted to let everyone know about a few site updates. First off, I added forums. You can access the forums here. If you have any suggestions on other forums that I should add, please let me know (preferrably in the forums).

I changed the theme of the website to something a little different than the default wordpress theme. I am not entirely happy with it, so it will probably be changing again in the near future. I am looking for a two column theme that is bright and light blue. I really like the DayDream theme, but it is only a single column theme. If anyone knows of a theme similar to DayDream but with two colums (or any other theme suggestions), let me know. It can be discussed in the forums also.

In other news, the PCB’s for the tiltBoards have shipped and I should have them early next week (week of Feb. 11). Once they arrive I will solder the tiltBoards and start shipping pre-orders. I am also working on the tutorial for adding a tiltBoard to an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller. I am starting to think that a written tutorial may be better than a video tutorial. Disagree? Why not discuss it in the forums. 🙂

Xbox 360 Wireless Tilt Controller Mod

UPDATE – I am now selling the wireless controller on eBay.

I recently finished the Xbox 360 wireless tilt controller mod. This is the same as my Xbox 360 tilt controller, only it is done to the wireless version of the controller as opposed to the wired. I did the mod using a 3V tiltBoard (now available for pre-order). With this controller I added a switch that allows you to switch between using the tilt of the controller and the left analog stick for input. I demonstrate using the switch in the video when playing Full Auto (car racing game). I am using the analog stick at the beginning until I switch to the tiltBoard slightly into the race.

For those interested in getting a tiltBoard and doing this themselves, I will be making a video how-to of the entire process. Look for that in the near future.

For those worried about lag, this is the same code and processor as used in the wired one. It should have the exact same response it does. Check out its lag here.

Product Announcement – tiltBoard

This is the announcement for the official release of my first product “tiltBoard”. Pre-order here.

TiltBoard is a device that outputs a linear voltage with respect to it’s degree of tilt. It has 5 inputs/outputs: V+, GND, Yout, Xout, and Vref. The maximum voltage output by the board is variable depending on the voltage put into the VREF input. The minimum voltage output is 0 volts. The board outputs the max/min values for the Y-axis when it is tilted 45 degrees or more up/down. The board outputs the max/min values for the X-axis when it is tilted 60 degrees or more left/right. When it is between 0 degrees and the maximum tilt degree, it outputs a voltage linearly proportional to the degree of tilt and the maximum tilt.

This means that this board works great for taking the place of potentiometers. You simply take the high voltage of the potentiometer and apply it to the VRef pin. Then you apply either the Xout or Yout output to where the center pin of your potentiometer went. Now tilting your tiltBoard does the same thing that turning the potentiometer used to do! (Be sure to disconnect the center pin on the potentiometer from the circuit)

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